Sarikopites. {Cretan sour cheese pies.}

Beloved sour”cheese pies, called sarikopites because they look like “sariki” in shape, the old kerchief Cretans worn around their heads. They are one of the most typical dishes of our island. One more delicacy that accompanies raki/tsikoudia* very often and very successfully, greater when you add honey on top.
Very easy to create and consume them!

Ingredients Preparation

1/2 kilo flour

1 cup water

1 cup olive oil

1 shot of raki/tsikoudia

1 teaspoon salt
(or more
depending on your liking)

Dry anthotiro** or
well drained xinomizithra***

Make stiff pastry put it in a bowl
and cover it with a towel for half an hour.Use the rolling pin to roll an as much as possible we thinner sheet.Cut it into long strips.

Spread the cheese, fold and push join the edges.

Wrap them circularly and join them.

Fry them in hot olive oil enough as to get a little bit of “colour”

Remove and place them on paper towels to drain.


*raki or tsikoudia is the typical grape distilled drink Cretans produce and consume.
**anthotiro is a dry salty traditional cheese
***xinomizithra is a soft sour traditional cheese 

They are very tasty either hot or cold, with or without honey on top.


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