Mizithra, the soft white cheese of Crete.

Mizithra is a type of cheese that exists in many parts of Greece and Cyprus. It’s very similar to cottage cheese. In Crete, however, there are two kinds of it  sweet and sour mizithra. These two types of cottage cheese stand out for their special flavors but they’re also very different. In western Crete it’s called anthotiro.

On the one hand, the (sweet) mizithra, is a pure white, soft composition cheese with a discreet sweet flavor. Used mainly in confectionery,  in the popular Cretan pies, which in combination with sugar and cinnamon, forms a perfect filling for those sweet treats! Indeed, combined with the crispy, fried leaf, the soft and sweet filling … off! And do not forget the wonderful Cretan cheese pies or lychnarakia which ” advertise ‘the cheese in the best way! Still, it can be consumed and pure, as an accompaniment to daily family table (extremely fit greasy foods!). And of course, along with another treasure island, thyme honey, can be served as dessert and steal the impressions …. Made from fresh sheep’s or goat’s milk, whey and rennet. It really fine cheese and very easy to prepare, if anyone has access to fresh goat milk.

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