Magiri. The traditional Cretan handmade pasta

“Magiri”. Traditional handmade pasta with flour, oil and water. In difficult times of Turkish and German occupation and poverty, the magiri nourished many generations on the island, since apart from it being economical and easy, it is also delicious, healthy and very filling. Moreover it’s vefan if you don’t add cheese. We submit the recipe and the video to teach the new generations and for the old to remember but also to save another precious recipe of Cretan tradition.


Ingredients Preparation

1/2 kg of flour
1 tablespoon of salt
1 shot of “tsikoudia”
1 shot of olive oil

Knead tight dough and cover one hour to let it rest.

Roll thin sheet and cut into strips of approximately 1,5 cm.
Place one strip on the other flouring well to not let them stick together.
Cut into small square pieces, flour them and mix them gently to get separated.

Boil plenty of water and pour in half the pasta, stir immediately to not stick them together and let them boil for 6-7 minutes.

Fry the rest of the pasta in olive oil .

Throw in a deep dish the boiled pasta with some juice and the fried pasta with some olive oil.

Mix and add some “anthotiro”.*

*Anthotiro is a traditional dry salty cheese for pasta


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