Cretan salad

Raised many generations. With whatever was in the garden, raisin olives and eggs from the chicken coop! Plenty of virgin olive oil, and ready! Hearty, healthy and economical food to the many difficult times that this island lived! Refreshing, a must for the summer but also throughout the year to join your everyday table.

Ingredients Preparation

2 boiled potatoes
2 boiled eggs
2 Tomatoes
1 cucumber
1 fresh onion
1 lettuce
1 pepper
some raisin olives
olive oil

Cut the tender tops of the nightshade and put them at the bottom of the bowl and pour olive oil for the greens to absorb.

Gradually chop the vegetables salting lightly and spraying oil.

Carve the cucumber with the fork to “drink” also oil.

Cut the potato with a fork indenting the flesh to “drink” oil too.

Cut the eggs.

Place the olives.

Sprinkle with some olive oil


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