Carrot spoon sweet

The spoon sweets are sweet fruit preserves served with a teaspoon as sign of hospitality in Greece and Cyprus and the Balkans in general and in some areas of the Middle East and Russia. In Crete it’s customary to drink a “tsikoudia” and eat a spoon sweet after a meal. Also often served along with Greek coffee and a glass of cold water.

But the spoon sweets are not always made with fruit! Try our recipe for carrot sweet, the result will delight you.


Ingredients Preparation

1 kg of carrots

1 kg of sugar

1 lemon

1 leaf of pelargonium

vanilla powder

2-3 cloves

3 cups water

Peel the carrots and grate on the wide blades of the grater

Put the carrots in a pot on the stove with water enough to cover the carrot and boil a few minutes to soften them.
Remove enough water (to tie the syrup) and add sugar

Add the vanilla, add pelargonium leaf, 2-3 cloves and the lemon juice.




Best served cold, and even better with ice cream!

Enjoy !!!

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