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In this blog we are trying to showcase Cretan cuisine, by giving information about the ingredients, the techniques and the culture of the Cretans which formed -and continues forming- what is called Mediterranean diet. I am Mike (Michalis) and with my team we'll do our best to show you the secrets of Crete's tastiness! We are not professional cooks neither are we professionally involved with this area. But we do love good food, we cherish Cretan culture and we will try to showcase both through the pages of this blog and the videos of our channel. Enjoy!


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Stuffed vegetables with sour vulgur.

Stuffed vegetables are a food so notorious that no recommendations are needed, generally eaten in the Balkans and the East, often accompanied by stuffed vine leaves, and/or stuffed zucchini blossoms, often cooked with minced meat in the filling, but here we will see the version with sour vulgur, called “ksinohodros” in Crete, which is a […]

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Mizithra, the soft white cheese of Crete.

Mizithra is a type of cheese that exists in many parts of Greece and Cyprus. It’s very similar to cottage cheese. In Crete, however, there are two kinds of it  sweet and sour mizithra. These two types of cottage cheese stand out for their special flavors but they’re also very different. In western Crete it’s called anthotiro. On […]

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Zucchini blossoms stuffed with rice and crushed wheat

The flower of the zucchini tree in Cretan summer is coveted among food lovers, but difficult to find in commerce, maybe some street markets. The best are the male blossoms leading to stalk and not the ones that turn into zucchinis later. They are gathered in the morning because later they close and it’s difficult to fill them and […]

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